My First 90 days as Scout Executive

The First 90 Days

Priorities can and often do change daily, the first three months will be critical for me as a new Scout Executive. Establishing relationships and gathering information will provide a better understanding of the council and the communities we serve. The most critical component of this 90 day plan is listening and understanding what is affecting the Council. Below are the priorities I will focus on:.

First 30 Days

  • Articulate the vision of the LaSalle Council to the community, staff and volunteers.
  • Meet with Key 3 to review the council strategic plan and specific objectives/targets for 2018.
  • Visit with each Board member at their place of business or home to build relationships. Review the council strategic plan with them to ascertain how they may be able to contribute to the attainment of goals.
  • Meet with Council Management Team to assess current needs and concerns in the next 90 days.
  • Visit each of the council camps to tour the facilities and learn about the unique qualities of each property and program.

30-90 Days

  • Hold a key staff meeting to gain a full understanding of current operations and establish alignment in our priorities and tactics to achieve those priorities.
  • Invest time in learning the community and its diversity by attending community events, aiming to broaden my knowledge of the area and connect with other community leaders.
  • Meet with key members of the community to understand the broader needs of the community including:
    • Top Business Leaders
    • School Superintendents
    • Elected Officials
    • United Way Directors - Meet with the Top 20 Scouting Contributors to say “Thank You” and gain an understanding of what they view as the community priorities.
  • Meet personally with each professional staff member, each support staff member and rangers to learn about their goals, families and the challenges and opportunities facing them in their work.
  • Be visible at as many program (camps, roundtables, trainings, activities, etc.) events as possible to meet volunteers.
  • Attend Roundtable, Commissioner and Committee meetings in each district.