I grew up in Southeast Missouri, raised by a single mother who always put me and my brother's needs before that of hers.  We didn't have much money to speak of, but all of our needs were met.  Because of my mother's need to work, we weren't allowed to do many extracirricular activites.  That all changed in January of 1993.  While staying overnight at a sitter's house while my mother worked night shift, the sitter's son was picked up to go camping that weekend, by his Boy Scout Leader.  I wanted to leave with them then, but was cautioned that I ought to let my mother know what I was doing first.  I begged and pleaded with her to join Boy Scouts that whole weekend.  Come the following Monday, I was officially a Boy Scout!  I enjoyed my time as a youth in the Scouting movement, earning my Eagle rank, working summer camp staff, and participating in Order of the Arrow Events.  Little did I know as that naive 11 year old that those Scoutmasters would become like fathers's to me and that I would meet my lifelong friends.  These friendships would take us to each other's weddings and become god parents to our children.  Scouting impacted my life so much that I wanted to make it my profession.

Chrissy and I met in college through my best friends from camp staff.  She was studying to become a teacher.  We were married in 2003 while I still had a year and a half of college to finish.  We have a marrriage full of faith and will be married 15 years this August.

Chrissy teaches 5th grade at a local elementary school.  She recently returned to the classroom after a 3 year hiatus after the birth of our daughter.  Previously before that she taught 8th grade for 10 years, when we lived in St. Louis.  Chrissy enjoys running, shopping, and doing anything that involves our children.  She is the eptiomy of everyting a mother and wife should be.

We have 3 children together, Jack who is 8, Levi who is 6, and Molly who is 3.  Our children keep us very busy.  We participate in Cub Scouts, Soccer, Baseball, Gymnastics and Church Activities.  Chrissy and I struggled for almost 6 years to have to have children, and now God has blessed us with 3 beautiful children.

Jack is a Wolf Scout who enjoys baseball and soccer.  When he grows up he wants to be a Boy Scout professional like his dad.  Levi is a Lion Scout who enjoys reading and playing outside.  Molly is the typical daddy's girl who enjoys gymnastics and playing with her brothers.

Our family is also accompanied by our 3 pets.  Annie a 16 year old Walker Coonhound, Lincoln a 4 year old beagle/yorkie mix, and our newest member Suzi the cat.